• Headquartered in New York, Rothschild & Co Asset Management US Inc. manages investments covering a range of US securities including large-cap, small/mid-cap, small-cap, and balanced strategies


    We seek to provide superior performance while controlling risk. Our seasoned teams of investment professionals use a disciplined investment philosophy and an integrated process focused on fundamentals.

    We manage assets for a broad range of clients including: corporations, endowments, foundations, healthcare organisations, high-net-worth investors, public pension funds, sub-advisory and Taft-Hartley plans.


  • What sets us apart

    We are a business unit of Rothschild & Co, a global financial services organisation founded in the 18th century.

    Our asset management division has benefited from the same investment leadership since 1988.

    We are guided by a clear and strongly held investment philosophy that seeks to add value through stock selection while seeking to mitigate benchmark risk.

    We use a proven investment process focused on fundamentals to help us identify stocks with attractive valuations and improving business prospects.

    Our process seeks to generate consistent alpha with lower volatility than the market.

    We manage investments on behalf of institutional and high-net-worth investors with an experienced, cohesive team of professionals who have worked in our industry for an average of 20 years.

    Our equity strategies include:

    • Rothschild & Co US Large-Cap Core
    • Rothschild & Co US Large-Cap Value
    • Rothschild & Co US Small/Mid-Cap Core
    • Rothschild & Co US Small/Mid-Cap Value
    • Rothschild & Co US Small-Cap Core
    • Rothschild & Co US Small-Cap Value
    • Rothschild & Co US Small-Cap Growth
    • Rothschild & Co US Balanced

    (Fixed Income portion is subadvised by Advisors Asset Management, Inc., a non-affiliated SEC - registered investment adviser)

    All of these strategies are actively managed. Our teams of seasoned investment professionals use a disciplined investment philosophy and an integrated process, focused on fundamentals.

    We deliver the following for our clients:

    • Long-standing expertise: Our investment philosophy has been in place since 1988.
    • A focus on stock selection: We pick attractively valued stocks with prospects for expectational upside.
    • Consistency: We look for consistent, repeatable results.
    • Risk control: We explicitly look to minimise the influence of factor or systematic risks.
  • Our investment approach

    Our expertise comes from bottom-up stock selection that targets attractive valuations and expectational upside. We look to deliver consistent outperformance as well as protection in down markets with a controlled level of risk. In order to achieve that, our innovative fund managers use an integrated process focused on fundamentals.

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  • US Equity Market Commentary

    For a summary of the latest market and economic developments, please see our US Equity Market Commentary. 

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